what does comp mean in gaming

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Comp either meanspart composition or competitive mode. Depends on the context. Competitive comp makes no sense to me.

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  • What does Comp stand for?

  • The term comps, short for comparables, carries different meanings depending on the industry and context, but generally entails a comparison of financial metrics and other factors to quantify…

  • What does’comps’mean?

  • BREAKING DOWN ‘Comps’. Also known as comparable same-store sales, the comps metric is used by analysts and investors to determine what portion of sales growth is attributed to old stores compared to new stores. Some large retail chains release comps on a monthly basis.

  • What does comped mean in gaming?

  • Term used in the gaming ( gambling) industry to describe gratuities given to frequent gamblers or high-rollers. Trunication of complimentary and often used as a verb. Harry’s uncle got comped a steak dinner at Harrah’s after winning at Craps.

  • Is there a PC gaming glossary?

  • In 2015, we asked regular PC Gamer writer and all-round lexical savant Richard Cobbett to create a brief glossary of PC gaming’s most important terms and their modern definitions (with a few additions of our own). Since the language of gaming is constantly mutating, we’ve expanded the glossary with new words this year.

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