what does bm stand for in gaming

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1. In Hearthstone,along with most online competitive games,it usually stands for Bad Manners. Basically,it means someone is spamming taunts,being a bad sport,or drawing out a game when they can either win or concede just to prolong the game unnecessarily because they’re salty [upset]about a loss or want to toy with their opponent …

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  • What does BM mean in a game?

  • If someone answered with BM in a game, they were merely expressing their displeasure with your behavior or implying that you were acting in an unsportsmanlike manner. Alternatively, you could be playing an MMORPG, and someone refers to a 鈥淏lack Mage,鈥?which is another possible definition of BM in Gaming.

  • What does BM mean in Hearthstone?

  • So what does BM stand for? Show activity on this post. In Hearthstone, along with most online competitive games, it usually stands for Bad Manners.

  • What does’BM’mean?

  • It’s a term that seems to just have crashed in the LoL community. I now seem to see ‘This play was so BM’ or ‘Look at the BM’… It seems to be only with cocky plays that went wrong. So what is BM? Show activity on this post. BM stands for Bad Move/Manner/Mouth.

  • What does BM mean in texting?

  • BM stands for bite me. Angry people of all sorts might tell you to bite them (meaning to back off or leave them alone) via online chat or text message. Bite me has a long and storied history and, according to a variety of sources, may have arisen from one of several different more-vulgar sayings.

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