what do you need for gaming pc

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Today,most PC gaming enthusiasts will tell you that4GB of RAMis the bare minimum since games are becoming much larger and more complex. 16GB is quickly becoming the new minimum if you want to get a few years of video gaming out of your machine. If you can splurge a little,go for 32GB or more.

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  • What parts do you need to build a gaming PC?

  • Before I lay out my thought process behind each part, there are, at minimum, seven parts you鈥檒l need to build a gaming PC: Graphics card, or GPU: Arguably the most important component in a gaming rig, the GPU (graphics processing unit) renders images from your PC and puts them on your monitor.

  • What is the Complete Guide to PC gaming?

  • We’re proud to present, in partnership with Razer, The Complete Guide to PC Gaming, a series of guides, how-tos, and deep dives into PC gaming’s core concepts.

  • Do you need a gaming computer to play PC games?

  • That goes for PC gamers more so than anyone. The hardware you have can make a big difference to the types of games you can play and how good they look while you do it. So, do you need a gaming computer to play PC games? Not necessarily.

  • What should you look for when buying a gaming PC?

  • The first thing any would-be gaming PC purchaser needs when embarking on this journey is to realize what their actual goals are. Here are some of the most important things to consider. Am I buying a PC just to play one game, or do I intend on playing many? What are these games? Are those games graphically demanding?

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