what do i need for a gaming pc

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an Intel Atom/Celeron or a AMD A6,4 GB of RAMAt least a 64 or 128 GB SSD.

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  • What do you need to build a gaming PC?

  • Gaming PC Parts List: What You Need (And Don鈥檛) to Build a Killer Gaming PC. 1 CPU. The central processing unit, or CPU, would be the most important element on this gaming PC parts list if each component wasn鈥檛 essential in its … 2 CPU Cooler. 3 Graphics (Video) Card. 4 Memory (RAM) 5 Motherboard. More items

  • What can you do with a gaming PC?

  • You can connect controllers and play couch co-op or local multiplayer games, like Gang Beasts, Sonic All Stars Racing, or Wizard of Legend. Gaming PCs are versatile pieces of technology. Gaming PCs double as excellent and reliable home offices too. (Unless your employer asks everyone to use Apple hardware.)

  • What kind of case do I need for a gaming PC?

  • These cases are usually roomy enough for a gaming setup with a couple of graphics cards, several hard drives, and a modest cooling system. Mini-tower cases, or small form factor (SFF) builds, are compact and designed to fit a number of smaller motherboards, such as mini-ITX motherboards.

  • Do you need prior build experience to build a gaming PC?

  • Even if you鈥檙e a novice, fret not: No prior build experience is required. 1 2 3 Building a gaming PC from scratch is the only sure-fire way to ensure that your system is capable of satisfying all of your personal preferences.

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