what are scalpers in gaming

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In a nutshell,scalpers aremoney-hungry firms that are making major bank off of desperate gamers. PS5 and XSX stock is drastically low,and companies are out trying to secure whatever units are available.

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  • What is scalping in gaming?

  • Scalper is a person who buys a product that鈥檚 high in demand and in limited quantity to resell it at a higher price. It鈥檚 a money-making tactic where an individual, or more often a group, buys multiple items. Scalping unfortunately isn鈥檛 exclusive only to gaming consoles. Event tickets, GPUs, CPUs, trainers and many more.

  • What is a scalper?

  • A scalper buys items online at retail price and then resells them for a profit elsewhere. This profit can be small, such as a few extra dollars, or it can be multiple times the original price.

  • Is gaming console scalping illegal?

  • Gaming console scalping isn鈥檛 illegal. People are free to buy something and resell it at whatever price they want. It鈥檚 your right once you own a piece of property. It would almost certainly be unconstitutional to prevent people from reselling their property, right? Please do not buy a console from a scalper.

  • Should I buy from a scalper?

  • Don’t buy from scalpers or sites scalpers use to sell their merchandise (ebay, mercari, stockx, etc). Even Amazon and Walmart have been selling scalper inventory for 3x – 4x retail. Let the scalpers get stuck with the inventory. The scalper software (for pros) is very expensive.

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