what are pugs in gaming

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(Pick up groups)

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  • What is a pug game?

  • Folks that come from a MMORPG lineage, especially WoW, will tend to call them PUGs (Pick up groups). PUG is also defined as Pick up game in some circles. Folks who haven’t been in the MMORPG scene may simply refer to them as Pub, short for Public Groups. All told, the common vein is that these are games with people you don’t know.

  • What are Pugs like as pets?

  • When on their own, Pugs can be somewhat docile and quiet. When playing, they tend to become teasing and vivacious. A Pug will always be sensitive to your emotions and as a result, will be eager to please you. A pack of Pugs is referred to as a Grumble. Pugs are known as Lo-Sze in Chinese. Many people consider Pugs as toy breeds.

  • What is the difference between Pug and pub in FPS?

  • While PUG (pick-up game/group) and pub (public game/server) may be interchangeable in MMORPGs, it is uncommon for PUG to be interchangeable with pub in FPS. Thanks for contributing an answer to Arqade!

  • What are some fun things to do with a pug?

  • A great animal that will always brighten your day. Pugs usually enjoy riding in baskets on your bike, or running behind them. Not for too long though because they can’t breath that well.

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