is windows 11 better for gaming

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  • Will windows 11’s latest update be good for gaming?

  • It’s been a tough post-launch period for Windows 11, with its reception from gamers having been less than great. When an OS tanks your gaming performance, that’s to be expected somewhat. With the latest Windows 11 update, however, things may be looking up for us gamers.

  • What is the difference between windows 11 vs Windows 10 gaming?

  • The visual effects have a crucial role in providing you with a mind-blowing gaming experience. Auto HDR drastically enhances the game’s visuals, enabling you to enjoy gaming to its fullest. Shadows, reflections, lights everything will be better. Windows 11 vs Windows 10 gaming has this major difference.

  • Does Windows 11 have Xbox Game Pass?

  • Game Pass: Windows 11 has a built-in Xbox Game Pass, which is a useful feature for console gamers and means you can play more games for cheaper. Overall, Game Pass is only available for console gamers, so if you’re an MMO gamer, this feature doesn’t make much sense.

  • How much will windows 11’s security features affect your gaming performance?

  • Two of the security features – VBS and HVCI – are heavy and can affect your Windows 11 a lot; they may cut the performance of a gaming PC by as much as 8%. The VBS may cause as much 28% frame-rate decrease in games.

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