is video gaming open in illinois

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  • Who should you hire to manage your video gaming application?

  • Your video gaming application requires that you name someone to be a video gaming manager. If a lot of your business will be focused on gaming, hiring a dedicated person to serve in this role is a great idea. This person would work with your Terminal Operator and manage license renewals.

  • What happens if I don’t renew my video gaming license?

  • If you fail to pay the annual renewal fee by the due date, your video gaming license will expire at the Board meeting in the month and year of your license expiration date. If you are a Licensed Video Gaming Location and your license expires, your VGTs will be shut off immediately.

  • Can a video gaming licensee pledge ownership interests in a VGT?

  • Yes, a Video Gaming Licensee can pledge its ownership interests as long as it discloses the transaction to the IGB prior to the transaction taking place, and any enforcement of interests is subject to prior approval by the IGB. 12. Pursuant to Rule 930, do video gaming licensees need to register to provide financing for VGTs?

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