is pc gaming big in japan

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  • What do Japanese gamers think of PC gaming?

  • When many Japanese gamers think of the country’s PC gaming industry, the kneejerk reaction is to think of either dating or Western games. The image of PC gaming with many Japanese gamers is first-person shooters, the clerk replies, agreeing that it is niche in Japan.

  • Is Japan the biggest video game market in the world?

  • Although Japan may not be the biggest video game market in the world now, it does have the world’s largest market for mobile games, with the country’s gaming market today largely being dominated by handheld game consoles instead of home consoles.

  • Who are the biggest game developers in Japan?

  • Today, studios like Washington-based Valve Corporation and California’s own Blizzard Entertainment are some of PC gaming’s biggest developers鈥攁nd champions. Yet, game makers of this stature turn up blanks in Japan. I have never played a single PC game, 34 year-old factory worker Maki says.

  • Which countries lead the gaming market in Asia Pacific?

  • Within the Asia Pacific region, China, Japan, and South Korea lead the gaming markets. The Chinese video game industry revenue keeps breaking its record, in which it has doubled itself in five years.

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