is overscan good for gaming

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  • What is overscan and how do you fix it?

  • In fact, up to five percent of the picture can get cut off around the edges鈥攖his is called overscan. It鈥檚 old technology that鈥檚 left over from the CRT (cathode ray tube) televisions of yesteryear. Here鈥檚 why it existed in the first place, why it鈥檚 still used today, and how to (hopefully) turn it off on your TV.

  • Why do TVs still use overscan?

  • While not a simple concept, TVs still use overscan because content creators still use it, and TV manufacturers have to follow their lead. Overscan also serves another, lesser-known purpose.

  • How do I Turn Off overscan on my screen?

  • Vizio: Change the picture mode to 鈥淣ormal鈥?(if it isn鈥檛 already). This automatically disables overscan. Samsung: Look for the 鈥淪creen Fit鈥?option. Insignia: In the advanced options menu, it鈥檚 surprisingly called 鈥渙verscan.鈥?/div>HDTV Overscan: What It Is and Why You Should (Probably

  • Does crop-and-zoom overscan reduce picture quality?

  • In fact, the crop-and-zoom method of overscan often reduces picture quality, making it something that is not only unrequired, but undesirable. Think about it: If you have a video that measures 19201080 pixels, and a TV screen that measures 19201080 pixels, but your screen is zooming in鈥搚ou aren鈥檛 getting that perfect pixel-for-pixel image.

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