is i5 good for gaming

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Answer:I5 processors are great gaming processorsbecause they鈥檙e made to be affordable and provide great single-core performance. The I5 lineup of processors has gamers in mind because they understand gamers aren鈥檛 looking for multi-core CPUs but rather CPUs with decent single-core performance.

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  • Is Intel Core i5 good for gaming?

  • Conclusion: Intel Core i5 is Great for Gamers. While power users should obviously opt for the more powerful Intel CPUs or go for AMD鈥檚 more versatile Ryzen options, it鈥檚 safe to say that the vast majority of gamers will be happy with a solid i5 CPU.

  • What is a good number of cores in an i5 processor?

  • So, any Intel Core i5 CPU with at least 4 cores and 4 threads will be a good start for gaming. However, 6 cores are now the minimum requirement of most of the latest games.

  • Is an i3 processor good enough for gaming?

  • The i3 can barely play graphics-intensive games and requires you to put the graphics to the lowest setting. But, and i5 10th, 11th, or 12th generation processors give very good, to amazing performance for the latest graphics-intensive games.

  • Is the i7 processor worth it for gaming?

  • But if you are trying to future-proof, or are playing especially CPU-heavy games or games optimized for additional cores, the i7 is a powerful CPU. Similarly, if you are a mixed productivity/gaming workload user or plan on streaming regularly, then the i7 additional cores may be more meaningful and worth the increase in budget.

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