is hdr good for gaming

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  • Is HDR good for gaming monitors?

  • But if you’re someone who is a big fan of ultra-realistic graphics and immersive, cinematic gaming, HDR is a must-have with your gaming monitor and one we’d highly recommend going for. Check out some of our top gaming monitor picks to get started on your search!

  • What is HDR in video games?

  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) is the latest and best thing in video right now. It started out as a niche feature, but now it鈥檚 an essential feature of the best TVs. You can watch films and TV shows in HDR 鈥?and now it鈥檚 come to games too.

  • Should you play HDR games in 4K?

  • Pick your screen with care if you don鈥檛 want your HDR gaming experience to fall flat. On PC, the performance upgrades look excellent and Mass Effect Andromeda is a prime example how good HDR games can look in 4K. Gameplay can be an issue, however, as current generation graphics cards still struggle to fully render games in HDR at 4K.

  • How do I enable HDR on Windows 10 for gaming?

  • First turn on HDR support in Windows. Then turn it on in the game you鈥檇 like to play. Finally, use your monitor鈥檚 on-screen menu to manually select an HDR mode. Activating a monitor鈥檚 HDR mode will do something you may find strange: disable the monitor鈥檚 brightness customization.

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