is gaming spot and electronic legit

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  • How can you tell if a free game site is legit?

  • If a site offers free access to a game you would normally have to pay for, it’s probably a scam, even if they offer free access once you pay a fee. Legitimate game developers usually don’t cut special deals where they give away the games through one site when they are selling them elsewhere.

  • Are there any online games scams to avoid?

  • Don’t Be the Loser in these 7 Online Games Scam Tricks. 1 1. Cell phone dialers. In this online games scam, users download a game onto their cell phones that secretly dials long distance and premium line … 2 2. More cell phone trickery. 3 3. The gateway to trouble. 4 4. Online casino scams. 5 5. Phishing via an online games scam. More items

  • Should you buy a gaming console online?

  • Be sure to use caution when buying a console online. You find a popular gaming console for sale online at a reduced price. Hoping to save some money, you research the seller鈥檚 website and find a few positive reviews. Convinced, you make your purchase via PayPal or another online payment method.

  • Is getting paid to test video games a scam?

  • Get paid to test video and online games — not Again, this is a variation of a well known scam — phony work from home jobs. In this con, scammers tell victims they can earn up to $100 an hour testing beta versions of online games and other video entertainment — plus they get to keep the software.

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