is gaming nerds legit

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  • Is extremerate legit or a scam?

  • ExtremeRate has a YouTube channel, a Privacy policy, a return policy, and 7 Amazon stores in different countries all with high ratings. I can assure you ExtremeRate is a legitimate website, being based in China shouldn鈥檛 matter as everything is made there right? Want to get the very best gaming accessory mods for a bargain price?

  • Is it legal to resell digital game codes?

  • On a broader scale, some organizations are able to acquire digital game codes in bulk at far below market price, and they can resell those digital game codes at a discount while still earning a profit. This is legal and acceptable (for the most part). But then there are shady folks who abuse the trust of users who shop for discount game codes.

  • Is gamenerdz having a problem with pre-orders?

  • I’m part of a discord which is 5k members strong, and gamenerdz is the only company that seems to have an issue with the pre-orders. It is now April 25th, 6 months after I paid to PREORDER booster boxes that now cost 4 times the asking price at the time of me paying, and I can’t help but feel that is the actual reason for the delay.

  • Is gaming Cobra a legit company?

  • Gaming Cobra is a parent company of Extreme Rate offering the exact same amazing products, see the numerous modding accessories Gaming Cobra has here. I will explain why it鈥檚 a legitimate company, and if the products are right for you. Read on to find out.

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