is gaming laptop or pc better

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Gaming PCstend to be more powerful than gaming laptops, why? More cooling options, better components, and more RAM. Gaming laptops, on the other hand, are more compact which will result in more heat output which will affect the overall performance especially the CPU.

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  • Is a gaming laptop better than a gaming desktop?

  • If you buy a $3,000 gaming laptop, sure it will outperform an $800 gaming desktop. But all things being equal, a gaming desktop will be more powerful. Similar components will perform better on desktops. A bigger chassis and more fans allow for better cooling and heat dissipation, and lower temperatures mean stronger performance.

  • What are the best gaming laptops?

  • Brands like ASUS, Alienware, and MSI release some of the best gaming laptops available that give you all the performance of a gaming PC along with the mobility of a laptop. As mentioned above, it really comes down to your preferences and the gaming experience that you want most when deciding between a gaming laptop and a gaming desktop.

  • Can a gaming laptop be upgraded?

  • On the other hand, if you have a gaming laptop, you鈥檒l be stuck with your old 60 Hz screen until you purchase an entirely new model. In summary, laptops can鈥檛 be upgraded, at least not in any significant way. Desktop computers, on the other hand, can, and with staggering ease too!

  • Is it worth it to build a desktop computer?

  • But in terms of computing and value, building a desktop is still king — at least, before you buy peripherals. Winner: Tie. A custom desktop is cheapest, but that鈥檚 before the display and peripherals. A lot about performance has to do with the specs you pick. If you buy a $3,000 gaming laptop, sure it will outperform an $800 gaming desktop.

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