is gaming a sport

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Not a sport

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  • Is video gaming a sport?

  • Video gaming is NOT a sport. To play a sport you need athletic skills such as endurance, speed, strength and persistence. Playing video games consists of sitting down in front a TV screen and often killing off brain cells. Anyone can easily learn how to be good at a game, or even cheat at a game.

  • Should gaming be considered a physical sport?

  • Thees statements are very one sided, due to the fact that gaming is considered healthy for the brain, and can allow the development of our brain to increase. People are still active, but they can still play games. Gaming Shouldn’t be considered a physical sport, but a mental sport.

  • Is Electronic Gaming a sport?

  • These people are called gamers, whom they believe that electronic gaming is a sport. They argue that gaming increases adrenaline and endorphins similar to the traditional sports millions of people watch and participate in.

  • Is virtual gaming a sport?

  • It’s a mind sport. If poker card games and chess both have the players sitting down and are considered sports, why not virtual gaming as well. There are two kinds of sports: one physical and one mental.

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