is gaming a personality trait

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  • Do personality traits influence the motivation of gamers?

  • Thus, personality traits should be considered in the examination of the motivational nature of gaming in terms of both preferences for play and frequency of gaming. The gamer and his/her personality should be examined along with game design elements that promote engagement if it is to better understand what makes games such an appealing activity.

  • Which personality types are the biggest video game gamers?

  • Logicians (INTP) are the biggest gaming aficionados, with 79% agreeing that they enjoy playing video games. It鈥檚 no wonder that they scored the highest of all personality types; Logicians鈥?combination of traits all but guarantees their interest in video games.

  • Is there such a thing as 鈥済aming disorder?

  • For most individuals, videogame playing is a fun and enjoyable activity that brings many benefits. However, for a small minority, the activity can be problematic and has led to much research into 鈥済aming disorder.鈥?In explanations concerning the contributory factors to gaming disorder, personality traits have been increasingly studied.

  • Does gaming influence mind and identity?

  • That is to be expected, given that gaming is more of a mental activity rather than something influenced by our environment-oriented Mind and Identity traits. Still, there are some valuable insights to be gleaned from our survey data as far as strategies are concerned.

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