is clx gaming pc good

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  • Is CLX a good brand for custom gaming PCs?

  • Like most custom PC builders, CLX is mostly using off-the-shelf parts but with its own custom touch. I have to say, it鈥檚 a good look. CLX makes custom gaming PCs with just about anything you want under the hood. Managing Editor for XDA Computing.

  • What do you need to know about CLX fans?

  • The CLX fans came with a remote for the RGB. There were also screws and other accessories for the case, which you will need if you ever want to work on your system in the future. (Image credit: PC Invasion). A good build quality, proper part selections, and hardware configurations are what make or break a gaming PC.

  • What processor does the Nvidia CLX set use?

  • CLX Set Gaming PCs are powered by the latest technologies such as Intel X299, Z370, AMD X370, Liquid cooled and overclocked Intel i7 and AMD Ryzen processors. Is the Nvidia CLX set VR ready?

  • How much does a CLX laptop cost?

  • As specced, the review unit I was sent runs $3,978 from CLX’s site, while a very similar machine I put together on PCPartPicker totaled $2,920, more than $1,000 less.

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