is ap isolation good for gaming

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  • What is AP isolation and why do you need it?

  • So, AP isolation is an excellent security feature to protect your wireless network from data breaches. It prevents new devices from accessing information, without compromising on connectivity. Therefore, you should enable it for both your home and office networks.

  • What happens if I disable AP isolation on a public hotspot?

  • If AP Isolation were disabled on a public hotspot, then anyone could connect and begin taking steps to view or gain control of another computer on the network. AP Isolation prevents this and allows each user of the network to be confident that they are safe and secure.

  • Does AP isolation affect the frequency bands of the device?

  • In this case, if we activate AP isolation, it will affect both frequency bands (which would be normal, we are interested in making this option available in both bands).

  • What is client isolation on a wireless router?

  • Also known as Client or AP Isolation, it is basically a setting on your wireless router which prevents devices connected to it from accessing resources in the wider network. Whether it鈥檚 resources in other wireless devices or the resources connected by a wired connection, this feature will prevent new devices from getting in.

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