is alienware good for gaming

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  • Is Dell Alienware good for gaming?

  • The Dell Alienware is good for gaming, considering how it allows you to play some impressive and demanding games in an enhanced way. One of the features that make Dell Alienware good for gaming is its improved performance. Instead of the usual RAM, Dell Alienware comes with video RAM, which boosts the gaming time.

  • Can you upgrade the GPU and CPU on Alienware laptops?

  • Alienware is the very first brand to introduce the first fully upgradeable gaming laptop, yes you can upgrade nearly everything including GPU and CPU. When it comes to scads of customization, Alienware got it for you.

  • Who makes Alienware laptops?

  • Mainly Dell is the company that is making the Alienware laptops. Dell is producing many things in the field of tech and gadgets, computers and its components are the main working areas of Dell. Alienware laptops are so popular because of its gaming capacity.

  • Why is Alienware so expensive?

  • Alienware is a gaming brand, it is made with the aim of the customers who are gaming junkies and that is the reason these machines are coming with expensive price tags.

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