is a intel i5 good for gaming

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  • Should you buy an Intel i5 processor for gaming?

  • Instead, users that are purely interested in gaming should look for capable quad and hexa-core CPUs, such as the ones available as part of Intel鈥檚 long-lasting i5 lineup. With four to six physical cores and up to twice as many virtual threads, Intel i5 CPUs will have no difficulty running the latest video games you might be interested in playing.

  • How many cores does an i5 processor have?

  • In October 2017, Intel updated Core i5 and Core i7 to the 8th generation, increasing the number of cores and threads for each of them by 50 percent, as well as increasing the core鈥檚 clock speed for i7-8700K processors. From that point on, both i5 and i7 8th gen processors have had six cores and hyper-threading.

  • How to choose between Intel Core i5 and i7?

  • Try Gecata by Movavi 鈥?an easy-to-use screen-recording program for Windows. Intel Core i5 and i7 are two families of Intel Core; the key advantage of an i7 over an i5 of the same generation generally lies in the fact that it performs better in multitasking, photo and video editing and, in general, in handling heavy workloads.

  • What is the best CPU for gaming?

  • AMD鈥檚 Ryzen 5 and Intel鈥檚 Core i5 lineups host some of the best gaming CPUs in each generation. This is because they tend to offer an unrivalled balance of gaming performance on the one hand and a reasonable price on the other.

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