is 75hz good for gaming

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  • Is 75hz refresh rate good for gaming?

  • To put things simply, the answer is that a 75Hz refresh rate is better for playing competitive games than a 60Hz one, which is standard for most monitors and laptop displays. While 75Hz isn鈥檛 as high as some displays, such as 144Hz, it鈥檚 a good option for anyone on a budget, since they are found at a much lower price point than others.

  • Is a 144Hz monitor better than a 75hz monitor?

  • Compare 75Hz, a 144Hz display by far outperforms in all areas: everything from mouse movements to gaming action is much smoother; the gameplay is way more fluent compared to a 75Hz monitor; low lag,鈥?144Hz is suitable for online/action games, where action time is very important. 144Hz monitor will give you many advantages to win.

  • Is a 60Hz monitor good enough?

  • 60Hz is fine; 144Hz, 120Hz, 100Hz, 75Hz, 60Hz, have them all, but I don’t notice going to 60Hz as an issue when I do. The 250GB Samsung 850 or 860 Evo is a good choice. The Samsung 850 EVO 500GB is my recommendation.

  • Will a 60Hz or 75hz monitor work with a GTX 1060?

  • Given your GTX 1060, even the monitor you choose supports 75Hz, in some games you may want to lock that down at 60 with vsync on. My question is will a 60hz or 75hz (1980×1080) monitor be good enough for me?

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