is 75 hz good for gaming

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  • Is 75hz refresh rate good for gaming?

  • To put things simply, the answer is that a 75Hz refresh rate is better for playing competitive games than a 60Hz one, which is standard for most monitors and laptop displays. While 75Hz isn鈥檛 as high as some displays, such as 144Hz, it鈥檚 a good option for anyone on a budget, since they are found at a much lower price point than others.

  • Can a 75hz monitor run 100 fps?

  • Ideally, with a 75 Hz monitor, one should stick to a frame rate of no greater than 75fps.Otherwise screen tearing, where multiple parts of images will appear on the screen at the same time will cause visual disruption. So, getting 100fps on 75Hz monitor is not ideal. Can you run a 75Hz monitor at 60Hz?

  • What is a good Hz Max for gaming?

  • I was playing at 1440/144 for a good while, in reality I got around 70-90 in most modern games when maxed. I then went to an ultra wide (1440) at 75hz Max. I prefer games to look as good as possible and will accept games that dip below 60 if I get the looks. ATM I’m playing Deus Ex MD, and it runs between 45 and 60 and prob averages mid 50s.

  • Is a 75-hertz monitor good for casual gaming?

  • Casual gaming doesn鈥檛 require as much refresh speed as the competitive gaming or FPS category requires. So, a 75-hertz refresh rate will prove to be good for a casual gaming monitor. But if you go with competitive gaming then a 75-hertz monitor will not be worth it particularly when better options are available at reasonable price tags.

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