is 60c safe for cpu while gaming

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The temperature level of 40 C is considered the best optimal and idle temperature of every CPU out there. It doesn鈥檛 matter whether it is a gaming PC or a regular laptop. At 60 C: However, when a CPU gets at 60 C,its lifetime decreases.

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  • Is it normal for CPU temperature to be around 50-60c while gaming?

  • Is it normal that CPU temperatures are 50-60C while normal using (firefox, skype, steam)? While gaming i have ~70C in League of Legends and ~80 in Borderlans 2, both at max settings. Thanks! So I have nothing to worry about? You have nothing to worry about.

  • Is 80 degrees Celsius too hot for a laptop?

  • I have it on my desk. My gf have the same temperatures on Asus K55A. Laptop components are generally designed to tolerate fairly high temperatures. typically anything under 80-85 C is perfectly fine and within normal range. so your temperatures are actually excellent and well under the safety cap.

  • Is the Wraith stealth bad for the CPU?

  • It sure seems like weak contact is going on with the CPU. The Wraith Stealth isn鈥檛 exactly a great cooler, but it shouldn鈥榯 be letting things get that far out of hand. Still, even a basic tower cooler will make a big difference, plus they are quieter under load.

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