is 60 hz good for gaming

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  • Is 60 Hz monitor good for gaming?

  • Yes, a 60 Hz monitor with 60 fps is good enough for gaming and has refresh rates of 60 times per second. The initial gaming monitors had a frequency of 30 Hz. Due to this very reason, with the help of a 60 Hz monitor, you can get a decent fresh rate.

  • Is 60 fps enough for gaming?

  • Of course 60hz is enough for gaming, if you can go higher it’s good too but 60fps stable is an already very butter smooth experience. One thing should be noticed, it is a lot easier to feel a difference between 60hz to 100hz than 100hz to 144hz.

  • What is the difference between 60Hz and 120Hz?

  • For example, 60Hz means the screen refreshes 60 times per second. With that in mind, a 120Hz will be much smoother than a 60Hz monitor, as it refreshes at two times the speed of a 60Hz monitor, per second.

  • Is 60Hz good for animation speed?

  • While most games have animation speeds between 24 and 60 FPS, there are some with animation speeds upwards of 100FPS. In this case, a 60hz monitor doesn鈥檛 do the animations justice.

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