is 5ms response time good for gaming

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Yes,for gamers,the response time of 5ms is more than good enough to be considered good for gaming no matter which game you are playing,as the action occurs in a matter of milliseconds. Heavy games like Grand Theft Auto (GTA V),Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDA 2),and The Last of us 2 would run smoothly on a monitor having a response time of 5ms.

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  • Is a 5ms response time monitor good for gaming?

  • Therefore, a 5ms response time monitor for console gaming is good and will work perfectly. However, this is likely to be met with resistance from some gaming enthusiasts who insist on monitors with 1ms due to faster responses. Is a 5ms Response Time Bad? No. A 5ms response time is not bad at all.

  • Can you tell the difference between a 1MS and 5ms monitor?

  • Since it鈥檚 a matter of milliseconds between the two, it鈥檚 likely that you won鈥檛 be able to tell the difference between a 1ms and a 5ms monitor. During the old times, monitors used to come with an 11 to 15 milliseconds response time, while these days, most monitors come with a response time of 5ms or less.

  • What is a good response time for a monitor?

  • Most of the modern monitors come with very low response times. Back in the day, monitors would come with 10 to 16 milliseconds of response time. And, you know that it is not that good. But lucky for us, at the moment, even the most budget-friendly monitors nowadays come with at least 5 ms of response time.

  • Is 5ms fast enough for sim racing?

  • 5ms is plenty fast enough for sim racing and you shouldn’t notice any blurring. The only way you would see a difference between 1-2ms and a 5ms monitor is if you had them side by side. 1-2ms monitors exist for competitive first person shooter players that need as much clarity as possible during fast movement.

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