is 4gb ram good for gaming

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It depends on the games you play and what resolution you want to play at. But 4GB isgenerally good enoughfor 1080p gaming if you have a decent processor,that being said it鈥檚 not always better than 2 GB of Vram,sometimes 2 GB is better depending on the situation.

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  • Is 8GB of RAM enough for gaming?

  • In real-life tests, even with games that are a little more intense on your system, 8GB is almost always enough to enjoy great performance levels without any choppiness or significant frame rate drops. Of course, you still need a good graphics card and processor to cope with the demands of AAA releases, but in terms of RAM, 8GB is great.

  • What is the best DDR4 RAM for gaming?

  • And the Colorful CVN Guardian DDR4, at just $95 for a dual-channel 16GB kit, is probably the most affordable route into nailing that all-important RGB look for your gaming system. At their heart, the CVN Guardian memory modules, which come in 8GB trim, have decent, if a little basic, CL16 timings and are using the Micron E-die DDR4 memory chips.

  • How much memory do you need for 4K gaming?

  • For gaming at 1440p at very high to ultra graphics settings with AA, you need around 6GB to 8GB of video memory. For 4K Gaming at Ultra Graphics Settings with everything turned on, you should go for a graphics card with 8GB or higher video memory.

  • How to choose the best RAM for gaming?

  • Give your system the memory it needs to perform at its best. Give your system the memory it needs to perform at its best. (Image credit: Future) The best RAM for gaming isn’t just about price, capacity, speed, or looks. It’s the best combination of all those things.

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