is 3600mhz ram good for gaming

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Effect on gaming performance: Generally speaking,3600mhz ram isfaster than 3200mhz ram. However,that does not mean that everyone will see a performance difference between the two speeds.

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  • What is the difference between 3200mhz and 3600mhz Ram?

  • There鈥檚 a big difference between 3200mhz and 3600mhz RAM when it comes to bandwidth. 3200mhz RAM has a bandwidth of 25.6gb/s, while 3600mhz RAM has a bandwidth of 28.8gb/s. That鈥檚 a difference of 3.2gb/s 鈥?or 12%.

  • What is the latency of 3600mhz Ram?

  • The lower the latency, the faster your computer will be able to access information. 3200MHz RAM has a latency of 16 nanoseconds, while 3600MHz RAM has a latency of 14 nanoseconds.

  • Is 3200mhz a good speed for gaming?

  • Higher than 3200MHz could improve gaming, because you’d be increasing the FCLK clock along with it (again, up to 1800MHz or 1900MHz in some cases).

  • What is the best RAM for gaming?

  • The best RAM for gaming are models that offer incredible overall performance with plenty of overhead for whatever intensive tasks you may want to use your system for. With DDR4 now in its twilight era, we’re seeing prices on some of the best memory kits steadily descending.

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