is 32gb ram good for gaming

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  • Do I need 32GB RAM for gaming?

  • Hope you have got the answer to your question about whether you need 32GB ram for gaming. If you need a future-proof gaming PC, then yes you need 32GB ram. Otherwise, 16GB is good enough to satisfy your gaming hunger.

  • What is the best amount of memory for gaming?

  • Evaluation 1 8GB. 8GB is considered the minimum requirement for effective gaming on PCs. … 2 16GB. 16GB of RAM is considered the 鈥榮weet spot.鈥?It allows for solid game playing, high-intensity work with computer programs, and gives you a fair amount of memory. 3 32GB. With 32GB, many consider it to be overkill. …

  • Is 32gb Ram overkill for gaming?

  • Coupled with an AMD or NVIDIA graphics card, you could find a wealth of fun with 16GB of RAM. With 32GB, many consider it to be overkill. Many game consoles don鈥檛 even use anything close to 32GB, so you can imagine the sheer amount of power it has on a gaming PC.

  • How much better is 32GB of RAM compared to 16GB?

  • On the other hand, performance increases from 16GB to 32 GB, all the way up to 64GB, were fairly flat. Any improvements fell into the margin of error except in the case of Metro Exodus, which yielded a 5 fps or 9 percent improvement from 16GB to 64GB in the Ryzen 7 machine and 4 fps or 6 percent in the Intel rig.

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