how to wash a gaming mouse pad

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One of the easiest and quickest ways to clean your gaming mousepad is to wash it on thewashing machine. Choose the half load cycle while selecting light wash. Add a cup or two of light action detergent to get rid of all the stains and grime while protecting the mousepad from damage.

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  • How to clean a mouse pad without ruining it?

  • How to clean a mouse pad without ruining it? 3 best ways. How to clean a mouse pad without ruining it? Logitech G: Wipe with wet microfiber cloth. Rubber: Wash in sink with DAWN soap, rinse, repeat. Touchpad: wipe with damp (soap free) cloth until clean.

  • Can you rub a gaming mousepad?

  • Remember to remain gentle with it so as not to damage the surface fabric, especially if you have a soft and sensitive mousepad. Be extra careful too if you have a mousepad with an illustration or graphic on it, since rubbing it can damage the design. Rub gently, especially if your pad has a design like this QcK + PUBG Miramar Edition.. 5.

  • How do I get grease off my mousepad?

  • Submerge the Mousepad Put your pad into the bowl or sink, and make sure to push it down so the water covers it and it鈥檚 fully submerged. Let it sit there in the water for a little while so any grease and dirt that鈥檚 been absorbed into the mousepad has time to dissolve.

  • Do mousepads get dirty?

  • However, like any mouse pad or mouse mat, this doesn’t stop them from getting dirty, especially after extended use. Grease, sweat, snacks…all can ruin the longevity.

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