how to wash a gaming mouse pad

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Here are some simple ways how:Use a soft dusting brush If you have dry stains on your gaming mousepad,it鈥檚 a good option to use a soft dusting brush in order to clean it …Use a vacuum cleaner If you do not want to go through the hassle of rigorously cleaning with a dusting brush,you can simply use a vacuum cleaner to …Clean it on the washing machine

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  • How to clean a gaming mousepad?

  • Next, rub the mousepad with a dry cloth to remove the excess water. Finally, let the mousepad air dry for 24 hours before using it again. If the back of your mousepad says 鈥渕achine washable,鈥?you can wash it with your regular laundry instead. Just use cold water and air dry the mousepad when you鈥檙e done.

  • How do I get grease off my mousepad?

  • Submerge the Mousepad Put your pad into the bowl or sink, and make sure to push it down so the water covers it and it鈥檚 fully submerged. Let it sit there in the water for a little while so any grease and dirt that鈥檚 been absorbed into the mousepad has time to dissolve.

  • Why is my mousepad so hard to clean?

  • Mousepads tend to pick up dust, grime, and oils from your hands over time, which can prevent your mouse from working properly. If you spill something on your mousepad, you have an even more urgent problem on your hands, since liquids can damage your mouse or other equipment. Luckily, hard mousepads are super easy to clean!

  • Can You Wash a mousepad in the washing machine?

  • If you have a larger cloth mousepad, your sink may not be a suitable size to completely submerge and soak. If you would rather not wash your mousepad in a washing machine, your bathroom tub can also be a great option.

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