how to update bios msi b350 gaming pro

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  • Is it possible to upgrade the BIOS of a MSI laptop?

  • However, MSI do not recommend to upgrade BIOS if system works stable. Because the upgrade failed might cause system won鈥檛 start again. (Warning)锛?Format the USB flash will wipe out all personal data. Please backup your own file before starting the process. 1. Insert the USB flash and right click on the USB flash. Then, select 鈥淔ormat鈥?

  • Is it safe to update my MSI B350 Tomahawk BIOS?

  • There is new BIOS available for my MSI B350 Tomahawk Board that enables support for Ryzen APUs, fixes Specture, and increases RAM compatibility. But, I have heard that updating your BIOS is extremely dangerous, and there is an extremely high risk of bricking your system.

  • How do I download the BIOS file of my MSI motherboard?

  • Go MSI official website to search and download the BIOS file relating to your motherboard (e.g.

  • What happens when you flash the MSI BIOS?

  • This is because all the data such as configuration settings or personal files will be erased during the BIOS flashing process. Access the stable network connection: It is very important to make sure that you can download the MSI BIOS files smoothly. A standard power changer: It can provide enough power supply to avoid any unexpected loss.

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