how to uninstall omen gaming hub

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  • Can I uninstall omen gaming hub and still use omen Oasis?

  • OMEN Oasis is a part of the suite of OMEN Gaming Hub experiences. You can close OMEN Gaming Hub while you use OMEN Oasis, but you cannot uninstall OMEN Gaming Hub and still use OMEN Oasis. Review the following frequently asked questions (FAQs) to find answers to common questions about the HP OMEN Gaming Hub.

  • How do I enable/disable the HP Omen gaming hub?

  • 1 – Right-click the taskbar. 2 – Select the HP Omen Gaming Hub and interests menu. 3 – Check the Turn off option to disable the feature. 4 – (Optional) Clear the Turn off option to enable the feature.

  • What does The Omen gaming hub app do?

  • Previously known as the OMEN Command Center, here鈥檚 a rundown of our favourite features within the new OMEN Gaming Hub app: You can adjust the lighting across all your compatible devices.

  • What happens when Omen gaming hub freezes or restart my computer?

  • If this happens, OMEN Gaming Hub resets the system to the last stable settings and restarts the computer. The warning message If your PC freezes and does not auto-restart, press the power button to restart it. Save your work before proceeding. displays each time you click Apply in the Overclocking window.

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