how to turn your macbook air into a gaming computer

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  • How to turn a MacBook Air into a desktop Mac?

  • How to Turn a MacBook Into a Desktop Mac 1 Using External Monitors with Your MacBook. Using an external monitor with your MacBook can be transformative. … 2 Choosing an External Keyboard. … 3 Controlling the Mouse Pointer. … 4 Don鈥檛 Forget About Storage. … 5 Docks and Hubs Simplify the Transition. … 6 One MacBook Can Do It All. …

  • Can you play games on a MacBook Air?

  • However, gaming on a Mac requires a more powerful GPU than the Mini Macs have on hand. This is just a general warning to pretty much avoid all MacBook Air computers, as their GPU power is pretty low.

  • Should I build a PC or buy a Mac for gaming?

  • We always recommend building your own PC. Macs are more expensive than a desktop Windows PC, especially when you add on extra storage, memory or a faster GPU, and there鈥檚 a far smaller library of games that run natively on OS X, Apple鈥檚 desktop operating system, than you鈥檒l find for Windows. And yet, Macs are hugely popular.

  • How to transfer files from another computer to MacBook Air?

  • Transfer information: If you鈥檙e setting up a new computer and you haven鈥檛 previously set up a Mac, click Not Now in the Migration Assistant window. If you want to transfer your data from another computer now or later, see Transfer your data to your new MacBook Air.

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