how to take apart a gaming keyboard

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Unplug your keyboard and take it to a safe place,so you won鈥檛 lose any of the keys and screws.Turn the keyboard upside down. Use the appropriate screwdriverto remove the screws at the back of your keyboard. After removing all the screws,your keyboard should be separated into halves.

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  • How to take apart a mechanical keyboard?

  • Having a screwdriver kit is useful to take apart any mechanical keyboard and separate the PCB from it鈥檚 case. Make sure you understand all of the steps before you attempt to do it because once you fire up your soldering iron, it can only remain heated for so long before the handle starts heating up. 1. Disassemble Your Mechanical Keyboard

  • How to remove keys from a keyboard without damaging them?

  • Whether you spilled something on your keyboard, or a key stopped working and you need to take a look underneath to see what鈥檚 going on, it鈥檚 important to remove keys properly so as not to damage the keyboard. This can be accomplished with a special tool called a keycap puller, or you can use household tools that you already have at home.

  • How do you fix a keyboard that won’t stay up?

  • The edge may snap into place or line up with metal tabs that help secure the keyboard. Then, insert and snap the other edge of the keyboard in place or line up the metal tabs. If you removed screws that secured the keyboard in place, screw them back into the keyboard.

  • How do I put my keyboard back together?

  • Once you have cleaned and dried all the keys it’s time to put your keyboard back together. First you have to put all the keys back into their proper positions (you do remember where that is don’t you). To do this, simply line each key up with the hole it left, and press it back into place. It will click when fully inserted.

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