how to start a gaming youtube channel

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  • What do you need to start a gaming YouTube channel?

  • Get the Equipment You Need to Be a Gaming YouTuber You need to assemble the right gear before starting a gaming channel on YouTube. As a gamer, you certainly already have at least one console. You also need high-quality recording equipment, including cameras and microphones, and a laptop.

  • Is now a good time to start a gaming channel?

  • Now is the best and easiest time in history for you to start a YouTube gaming channel. Yet a profitable channel? That鈥檚 another story. In this article, I am going to highlight the key elements you need to become the best YouTube gamer you can be. Starting a gaming channel today will mean that you will be a small fish in a big ocean.

  • How to start a YouTube channel?

  • You can sign in to YouTube using your Google account and start uploading videos. Even if you already have a Google account, you should create a new one specifically for your YouTube channel. You can create a Google account by creating a new Gmail account.

  • How to stream games on YouTube?

  • To stream games on YouTube, you must first set up a YouTube account. The first step you need to complete is to get an account. While you may one already, you may want to make a branded channel with a good streaming name.

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