how to paint gaming miniatures

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Apply your acrylic paint in thin layersuntil you have a smooth coat of color without streaks or brushstrokes. You can also use an airbrush to apply a base coat quickly. Here鈥檚 an example where I used an airbrush to apply the base coat of a board game miniature.

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  • Do you enjoy painting miniatures for your board games?

  • I enjoy painting miniatures for my board games. I have been painting minis since my days of playing Dungeons and Dragons and found it to be a relaxing way to spend a cold winter afternoon. That being said, I sometimes get intimidated when it comes to board game armies (or any other masses of figures).

  • How to paint a dark miniature?

  • However, for dark minis, such as the green Trogs from Cry Havoc, this step can really improve the final look. To dry brush, choose a paint color lighter than the one on the miniature. Add paint to your brush, and then rub most of it off on a paper towel. Do this a couple of times until you have a nice dry brush with some color still on it.

  • How do you Prime miniatures before painting?

  • My typical priming method is to stand up the miniatures and space them out so they aren’t blocking each other from the paint. Paint the miniature front, then the back. Once the first coat dries I lay the miniatures down to paint the underside, front and back.

  • How do you paint a miniature army?

  • Painting Miniatures 1 Brushes and Paint. While you can technically paint a mini with just one brush, it would not be easy. … 2 Priming. As with anything else in life, with spray paint you get what you pay for. … 3 Drybrushing. … 4 Main Colors. … 5 Details. … 6 Now Do It Again …. … 7 Before You Know It, You Made an Army. …

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