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6 Best Ways to Make Money Gaming in 2021Playtest Video Games. If you like to play new video games,you could make a job out of it! …Become a Professional Gamer. Becoming a professional gamer is the dream for many kids and teens. …Stream Video Games. Streaming video games is a popular way of turning your gaming hobby into a full time business that can generate six figures or more per year.Become a Gaming Coach. As gaming becomes more popular many want to get better at their game of choice and turn to coaches. …Start a YouTube Channel. If entertaining people is something you like to do and play video games at the same time,starting a YouTube channel is the move.Review Video Games. If you are passionate about video games and enjoy playing them,you could make money reviewing them.

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  • How to make money playing video games?

  • We put together this list of ways to make money playing video games. Choose an occupation that suits your talents, and start taking action toward achieving your dreams. 2 1. Start a Career as a Game Developer 3 2. Create a Gaming Website 4 3. Quality Assurance Officer 5 4. Video Game Tester 6 5. Become a YouTuber 7 6.

  • How to make money gaming in 2022?

  • Becoming a professional gamer, playtesting video games, streaming, creating a YouTube channel, reviewing video games, or becoming a video game coach are all ways to make money gaming. All are possible to do in 2022 given you are willing to put in the time and effort.

  • How much do video game gamers make?

  • Top gamers can earn millions of dollars every year. Video game testers and video game reviewers both earn on average about $50,000 to $60,000 a year but can earn up to a six-figure income. Video game YouTuber鈥檚 and streamer鈥檚 income can vary significantly.

  • Can you make a living in the video game industry?

  • You don鈥檛 have to be an eSport star or a video game influencer to make a living in the video game industry but oftentimes it鈥檚 not obvious where to look for paid work. I鈥檝e been a gamer since the 90s and I stream regularly over on Twitch. I鈥檝e also spent a ton of time researching this topic. What other jobs you can get in the video game industry

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