how to lower cpu temps while gaming

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The first way of trying to lower your CPU temp while gaming is byplacing your PC tower in the most optimal location. This is obviously different for every single room layout but, you would want your PC to have as much breathing room as possible.

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  • How to lower the temp of the CPU?

  • How to Lower CPU Temp 1 Clean Out Your Computer. If you have an older computer, or your computer is located in an area that gets dusty, the first thing you鈥檒l want … 2 Reapply Thermal Paste. 3 If You Have Bad Cable Management, Fix It. 4 Upgrade Your CPU Cooler. 5 Add More Case Fans to Your System (or Reconfigure Them) See More….

  • How to reduce CPU and GPU usage while gaming?

  • Many gamers have reported that capping the FPS as per the computer system specifications can reduce the CPU usage significantly. Also, if your CPU usage is high but your GPU usage is low, then try playing at higher graphics settings like High or Ultra. Playing at higher graphics settings pushes the usage load on your GPU from your CPU.

  • What is a good CPU temp while gaming?

  • This means that for CS: GO, a good CPU temp while gaming would be around 60 degrees. If it starts reaching 70-80 degrees Celsius on the same game 4 years after, it would likely be the thermal paste drying up already.

  • Why is my CPU temperature so high when gaming?

  • Temperatures higher than those listed above are dangerous and can cause overheating and potential damage and information loss. Longer gaming sessions and overclocking can often result in higher temperatures. Below is a really useful comparison table from a Reddit thread showing the different cpu temperature ranges for different cpu loads.

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