how to keep dust out of gaming pc

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Routine cleaning and maintenance are important to the health of your gaming PC. We recommend usingcompressed airevery three to six months to prevent dust buildup from impacting your PC components. You should also make an effort to clean your mouse, headphones, keyboard, and monitor to keep your gaming setup looking like new.

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  • How to prevent dust from getting to my PC?

  • At best you can have removable dust filters to help with that. If you don’t want any dust to get to your PC, you should put your PC in a large sealed container with the intake of it being heavily filtered. More sharing options…

  • How does dust affect your gaming computer?

  • Regardless of whether you casually play or professionally game, all gaming computers are susceptible to dirt, dust, and other contaminants that can severely impact performance. Dust buildup can cause PC components to retain heat, making it difficult for internal fans to keep the system cool.

  • How do I clean dust from my CPU or GPU?

  • Use a can of compressed air鈥攚e don’t recommend trying to blow forcefully yourself鈥攖o clean the dust from any heatsinks like your CPU or graphics card cooler. Use a can of compressed air to blast free dust that’s built up on your components. A quick few blasts will have your components, like this radiator, looking good as new.

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