how to improve gaming performance on laptop

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10 Ways to Improve Gaming Performance on Your LaptopKeep Your Laptop Clean and Dust-Free to Improve Gaming PerformanceUpdate Laptop Drivers for Faster GamingInstall the Latest DirectX VersionOverclock the Laptop Graphics Card for Optimized GamingAdjust Your Computer鈥檚 Power SettingsActivate Windows 10 Game ModeClose Background Apps for Increased Laptop FPSMore items

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  • How to improve your gaming performance?

  • Our last tip, which is also the most important method to improve your gaming performance, is to keep your laptop clean. You might think of the days that you are enjoying pressing your fast and killer combos on your keyboard while peeking on your dusty screen. This truly adds a real-world experience to the battlefield.

  • How to make your laptop faster for gaming?

  • If you have tried everything so far and still want to know how to make your laptop faster for gaming, it’s worth looking at your graphics card driver settings. This is particularly true if you need to run a certain game.

  • How do I increase my laptop鈥檚 performance?

  • In Windows 10, you can open Settings System Power and sleep Additional power settings and select the High performance option. It鈥檚 also worth clicking Change plan settings Change advanced power settings to check you haven鈥檛 previously adjusted anything here.

  • How to optimize power settings on a gaming laptop?

  • Optimize Power Settings To ensure that you utilize the maximum performance of your gaming laptop, the easiest way to do this is by adjusting the power mode slider to the Best performance. You can do this by clicking on the battery icon located on the system tray. 10. Close Background Apps

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