how to change rgb on tuf gaming motherboard

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  • How do I Turn on the RGB effect without the motherboard?

  • First, download ASRock’s RGB Polychrome Utility. After opening the program, toggle the RGB LED switch to Off, then check Apply All to make sure the lighting on the motherboard is also off. If you want to turn the RGB effect back on sans the motherboard, make sure that Apply All isn’t checked.

  • How to adjust TUF gaming gt501 RGB fans?

  • If you prefer to adjust TUF Gaming GT501 RGB fans, please select鈥淏y areas鈥漚nd choose RGB strip (based on motherboard鈥檚 12V RGB recognition) If you need more help, see our solutions to get support.

  • Which motherboards are compatible with my TUF gaming LC RGB?

  • TUF Gaming LC RGB series is compatible with a wide range of Intel and AMD motherboard platforms, giving you the flexibility to pair it with your choice of processor. It also comes fitted with 38 cm of tubing to make mounting and routing easier.

  • What is Tuf gaming LC RGB water cooler?

  • TUF Gaming LC RGB is a series of premium CPU water coolers designed for mid-size PC builds. TUF Gaming LC RGB is a series of durable CPU liquid coolers designed for mid-sized gaming builds. Each cooler brings the performance, features and design needed to be an essential part of your gaming system.

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