how to become a youtube gaming channel

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  • What do you need to know about starting a gaming channel?

  • Now, here鈥檚 what you need to know about starting a YouTube gaming channel. 1. Have a Greater Purpose According to Tubular Insights, 15% of all content on YouTube is related to video games. That鈥檚 a lot. Additionally, as of 2018, YouTube has a new monetization requirement.

  • How to start a gaming channel on YouTube in 2022?

  • Here’s what you need to know about starting a YouTube gaming channel in 2022. Before you start your channel you need to decide on the style of video you鈥檒l make or the niche you want your channel to be. Deciding your niche should come down to your strengths as a gamer.

  • Can you be a gaming channel on YouTube?

  • Viewers are able to see your passion on the topic and connect with you easier. A talk show or news-oriented format can still be a gaming channel if the conversation and content you have is video game related. To be able to record video game footage, you will need game video capture software.

  • How to become a YouTube Gamer?

  • Here鈥檚 how you can become a YouTube gamer. 1. Find your niche, voice and target categories Just like starting a business, the first step in getting your YouTube gaming channel off the ground is to find your niche, develop your voice and determine your value proposition.

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