how old is gaming with kev

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  • Who is gamingwithkev?

  • GamingWithKev is an American video content creator best known for his gaming Youtube channel. GamingWithKev posts gameplay videos, gaming commentary, and other gaming-related content on his channel. He also owns the other two Youtube channels.

  • How many views does gamingwithkev have?

  • GamingWithKev created his Youtube channel under the title 鈥淕amingWithKev鈥?on May 8, 2015. This Youtube channel has been able to garner altogether 3,165,598,357 views until now. He shares videos of humorous skits, pranks, and rants on his channel.

  • Who is gamingwithkev married to?

  • And, he has gained thousands of followers on these platforms as well. GamingWithKev proposed to his wife Marie on his channel through a whisper challenge video. And they eventually got married in June 2015. The couple was blessed with a son named Jaden and two daughters named Zoe and Nia.

  • What does gamingwithkev do for a living?

  • [age 32] ), better known online as GamingWithKev, is an American YouTuber who primarily uploads gameplay of Roblox, Grand Theft Auto, and NBA 2K. He used to work at Old Navy. He launched his self-titled YouTube channel on March 16, 2012, but he previously had a different channel that was hacked. He has a brother named Kaelin.

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