how often should you replace your gaming mouse

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2 years

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  • How often should you replace your gaming mouse feet?

  • For players who game with their mouse frequently, replacing the feet needs to be done more often. It is difficult to quantify a specific length of time between replacements, but there are telltale signs you need to swap out your mouse feet. First, you may notice increased friction between your gaming mouse and mousepad during play sessions.

  • How long does a gaming mouse last?

  • The lifespan of a gaming mouse is not fixed, but it depends on the number of hours you play. If you play less than 6 to 8 hours in a week, then you will be able to keep it for more than 2 years. But, if you play more than 12 hours a week, then you should replace the mouse within 2 years.

  • How to tell if your gaming mouse needs replacing?

  • Simply picking up your mouse and taking a look at its feet can diagnose any problems you are experiencing. Typically, mouse feet are white, which is in contrast to the usual black plastic found on gaming mice bodies. If you see black bleeding through, or clearly displayed, where your mouse feet are located, it may be time to swap them out.

  • How long do mouse pads last?

  • I also use a cloth mousepad to help prolong the life of the mouse feet. Most mouse feet these days can last around 2-4 years if you use a hard pad. It will be even longer for mice on cloth surfaces.

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