how much ram for gaming pc

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Most games recommend16GBof memory for speedy,high-performance play. Having this much RAM in your computer will allow you to change what games you play,and to avoid issues with lag and stuttering. If you want to edit your recorded gameplay,then you might want as much as 32GB.

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  • How much memory do you need for gaming?

  • Now let鈥檚 see how much memory for gaming PC. How Much RAM for Gaming Is? In general, today鈥檚 home PCs have 4, 8, or 16GB RAM while some high-end computers have 32, 64, or even 128GB RAM. And now let鈥檚 some.

  • How much RAM do you really need for your PC?

  • If you鈥檙e a gamer who uses a PC solely as a modern games console (and browser), then you鈥檙e likely to need 16GB of RAM. If you鈥檙e a content creator, where your PC is more of a workstation for editing high-fidelity video or processing 3D effects, then opt for 32GB (or even 64GB if you鈥檙e operating at an industrial level).

  • Is 8GB of RAM enough for gaming in 2017?

  • 8GB of RAM was enough for gaming in 2015 or even in 2016 but now it is the minimum memory requirement for most of the latest games. For gaming in 2017 and 2019 I would suggest you to get 16GB RAM, which I think is the sweet spot for gaming from now on.

  • Does memory or ram matter in gaming?

  • Memory or RAM, no doubt plays an important role in gaming. If you do not have the recommended amount of RAM (for games) in your PC then either you won鈥檛 be able to run the game at all or won鈥檛 be able to run it properly.

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