how much ram do you need for gaming

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  • How much memory do I need for gaming?

  • Must Read: How much Video Memory (VRAM) Do I need for Gaming. Most of the latest high-end or AAA games require 8GB of RAM. You must have seen that almost every AAA game list two types of requirements. One is the minimum system requirements and other is the recommended system requirements.

  • How much RAM do you need for gaming in 2022?

  • People can also run newer games that don鈥檛 require heavy specs. 8Gb of RAM can be the minimum requirement for most of the games but it isn鈥檛 recommended for heavy games in 2022. 16GB of RAM: 16GB of RAM is considered to be the sweet spot for gamers.

  • Does memory or ram matter in gaming?

  • Memory or RAM, no doubt plays an important role in gaming. If you do not have the recommended amount of RAM (for games) in your PC then either you won鈥檛 be able to run the game at all or won鈥檛 be able to run it properly.

  • Is 8GB RAM enough for gaming on Windows 10?

  • You can get away with 8GB RAM on Windows 7 and Windows 8 for games requiring 8GB RAM but on Windows 10 you would require 12GB or more RAM for the games that list 8GB RAM as minimum or recommended. For example, Batman Arkham Knight runs well on systems with Windows 7 / 8 with 8GB RAM but will stutter on systems with Windows 10 with 8GB RAM.

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