how much is a gaming chair

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$150 to $500

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  • What is the average size of a gaming chair?

  • 鈥淎verage鈥?sizes differ by region: Across all regions, the 鈥渁verage鈥?male to be roughly around 5鈥?鈥?(170 cm) and 177 pounds (80 kg). Average sizes have the most flexibility. They can find a decent fit in small, medium, and extra-large gaming chairs.

  • Can you buy gaming chairs at Walmart?

  • At Walmart, you’ll be able to find a wide variety of gaming chairs to match your decor and gaming style at Every Day Low Prices. Gaming chairs are a great addition to the office of a casual gamer, a pro gamer or to the game room of any home.

  • What are ergonomic gaming chairs?

  • With solid build quality and deep customization options, Razer鈥檚 ergonomic PC gaming chairs are designed to improve your gaming performance by setting you up for perfect posture and long-lasting comfort.

  • How much does a downix gaming chair cost?

  • Dowinx gaming chair | Massage Lumbar and head cushion | PU leather | Adjustable armrests | $229. 99 $199. 99 at Newegg (save $30) This one’s at the top end, but if edgy black with red detailing is your style style then Downix even sweeten the deal with a massage lumbar support and a retractable footrest.

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