how much internet does gaming use

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How much data does online gaming use? As of 2021, most modern games use about40 MB to 140 MBof internet data per hour. This is oddly similar to data consumption during music streaming on popular platforms like Spotify, YouTube Music, and more.

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  • How much Internet data does online gaming use?

  • Find out how much internet data online gaming uses. Sure, downloading games can take a heavy toll on your internet connection鈥檚 bandwidth as game sizes go all the way up to 100 GB. However, actively playing an online game doesn鈥檛 use much of your data.

  • What internet speed do you need to play games online?

  • The typical game with high-definition graphics needs an upload speed of about 1鈥? Mbps. 1, 2, 3 As long as your internet connection meets these requirements, you can play games online. However, if you want to have a consistent online experience, we suggest having a slightly better connection.

  • Does your Internet speed affect your gaming performance?

  • Online gaming can push your internet connection to its limits, but unlike most online activities, the limiting factor usually isn鈥檛 download speed. No amount of speed is going to stop your game from lagging if you鈥檝e got latency that鈥檚 ranging into the hundreds of milliseconds. But wait!

  • How much data does online gaming use on NBN?

  • Thankfully, nearly all NBN plans these days come with unlimited data so you shouldn’t have to worry about how much data you’re consuming from your online gaming.

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