how much electric does a gaming pc use

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1,400 kWh per year

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  • Do gaming computers use a lot of electricity?

  • However, measurements show that the peak power potential for much of this hardware is considerably lower than most component manufacturers are willing to admit. On average, a gaming computer consumes approximately 1,400 kWh per year, or the same amount of energy as ten gaming consoles, six standard computers, and appliances around your home.

  • How much power does it take to run a gaming PC?

  • An average gaming Pc consumes 250-400W per hour running a game. When playing games in VR, or generally games with better graphics and more effects, the power consumption can reach up to 600W and more.

  • How much does it cost to run a PC on electricity?

  • The average electricity cost in the US is 13 cents per kWh; this means that it costs 13 cents to run something that consumes 1000 watts for one hour. To calculate the cost of running your PC at full load for one hour, you need to divide the watt usage by 1000 and multiply the result by your kWh.

  • What are the most energy-intensive uses of PCs?

  • Gaming is one of the common energy-intensive uses of PCs. According to this MakeUseOf article, your gaming PC comes with more advanced hardware than a typical PC. For instance, a gaming PC usually comes with a more powerful GPU, which requires more electricity to operate. Because of that, its energy consumption is significantly higher.

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